We've been in the security cameras and systems business for more than 10 years now. We've been in the same location on Main street, have volunteered for many community events, joined business groups,.and have made many friends in the community since we started.

However, occasionally, I run across people that are so willing to save a few bucks that they would rather hire someone that works out of their rented apartment, or out of their ready-to-break-down truck. I wonder, "what are they thinking?"

I mean we're talking security here!

What brands are they using? Do you even know? Where did they get them? How long is the manufacturer's warranty? How about background checks! Not only on the guy you hired, but on their employees? Do they even have employees - or is it just some guy they paid under the table?

What if they got hurt in your place? Do they have workers comp insurance on them? Probably not! Do they even have insurance? Are they even licensed in this state?

Will they have access to your computers? If they are setting up remote access to your phone, they will have to have admin rights - which means they have access to every file on your computer - including your IP address!

Are you really that willing to risk all of your (and of your client's) information? An internal theft, or someone uninsured getting hurt on your property will cost you big time! 

Protect yourself! Ask for proof of insurance on them and everyone that they will have at your house. Ask for their HIC license number and check them out on the pa attorney general's website. https://www.attorneygeneral.gov/Consumers/Home_Improvement_Consumer_Information/

It can even be as simple as looking at their vehicle. Does it look like it's ready for the junkyard? And if you just get a bad feeling after talking to them, trust your instincts.

Premiere Audio Video Services is fully insured, licensed in the state of PA, has a PA reseller's license, with complete background checks on all employees including the owner! We are reliable, confidential, responsible, and will take your security seriously!

All we're asking is for you to think about what you're doing. After all it's security!